When will the Betfair website open in India?
Betfair's website is not legal in India. In 2019 Betfair banned all Betfair account in India. so we cannot say that when the Betfair website opens in India.
on 17 Jan 2019, Betfair announced that “they will stop taking bets on Betfair API in India in the new year. they will be closing all websites in India on 28 January 2019. All bets were placed on that date will be left. visit the website and manage and withdraw funds in advance.
if there is any problem in accessing your account or withdraw winnings from bets after 28t Jan. In modern countries betting is not legal because most countries have a gambling license.
India's betting market is huge market nowadays. you can try Betfair API support to get Betfair API. Betfair API support has a license to provide Betfair API.
visit https://www.betfairapisupport.com According to our constitution, it is illegal to bet on Betfair sites in India.
But practically you can do so by just simply opening your Betfair account into an e-wallet. After that deposit money into e-wallet by ur bank account from the person who is interested to sell his money from his own wallet. And finally, deposit into ur Betfair account. I will suggest you that don't use direct bank method to do transactions because these days law is strict in our country so use wallets or cash method.
It's not legal to bet online in India but one can run there own betting website using Betfair API to there own website with all live odds of all market of Betfair.
Betfair odds can be used to your own system to make bet all your user on your website on the odds of Betfair API.
Betfair API support can provide you Betfair API which can be used for developing your own betting website.
Betfair API support is often considered the best betting exchange in the entire industry and included in the top 10 websites. provide High variety of bets with odds, high liquidity in combination with staidness and credibility have made them a top destination for professional punters. It’s no exaggeration that quite a few bettors are making a living by laying and backing bets on Betfair.
But what is the fact that distinguishes the top Betfair traders from other bettors?
I will provide you answer that nothing is more than a few extremely profitable betting strategies. the most 5 efficient strategy is-
1. Scalping
This strategy (scalping)was one of the best Betfair trading strategies in horse racing, but has been implemented in other sports as well during the last 5 years. The reasoning behind this strategy is rather simple. You surely have noticed that most odds changes take place a few minutes before the start of the event, especially if this event is important and highly anticipated.
Scalping can be described as a way of grinding, as your profit margins tend to be nearly certain but very small. For example, if you back a home win at 2.40 odds and sell the same bet at 2.30 odds, you will have secured a profit in a very short time, in many cases in less than five minutes. If you had placed €200 at 2.40 odds and sold it at 2.30 odds a couple of minutes later, you’ll have netted a €20 profit in no time.
You’ve got to be careful, though. This kind of strategy requires a lot of self-control and discipline in order to not diffuse your bankroll on more than a few selected number of bets. Many rookie punters have tried scalping almost every match they can get their hands on with disastrous results.
2. Under 2.5 Goals/First Goal
This is a slightly more complex strategy, as you have to place two bets and keep an eye on the accurate match time. Your first bet should be backing a goal to be scored during 0-10 min. (or 0-15 min. on some online bookmakers) and the second backing the Under 2.5 Goals market at an amount equal to ten times your first bet. (ie. €10 on First Goal, €100 on Under 2.5 goals).
This way you get a double-winning option. In case any team scores in the first minutes, you claim your winnings as in most match the 0-10 min. option is offered at higher than 10.00 odds. If no team scores in the first 10 (or 15) minutes, you lose your first bet, but seeing that you laid the Under 2.5 goals bet, the odds in most cases will have dropped significantly enough to cover the lost stake and offer a profit.
There is a danger in this strategy: Losing the First Goal bet without managing to lay the Under 2.5 Goals bet on time. It is imperative that you are under bet immediately after placing your first bet or you might risk losing both bets and seriously harm your bankroll. There’s no reason to get greedy if you see the Under 2.5 goals odds increase during in play.
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3. Lay the draw/back score draw
This strategy has become so popular that it nowadays manages to affect odds movements on a large number of online bookmakers. Its popularity is a result of its effectiveness and simplicity as you basically place any bet be careful.
you can take help from betfair API support.