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Indian fancy API

Indian fancy API is used to integrate indian sessions to into indian betting websites so you can display live session fancy and their result in your website, it allows you to place a bet on indian local sessions on your site.When you want to place a bet on a player's run or over run then indian fancy api is used.Indian fancy API consists of various sessions.Betfair API support provide you the Following sessions:-
6 over Session:-To bet on run till 6th over this odd is placed on betting dashboard.
10 over session:-To bet on run till 10th over this odd is placed on betting dashboard.
Total Match run
Indiavidual Player run
Toss win or loss
and many other sessions.

Same as there are many API are available like :-
1.Betfair API
2.Casino API
3.Indian Fancy
4.Sports API

There are many more API is available but Indian fancy API is the best API to integrate with local sessions into your website.Betfair API support provide you with a very simple way to get Indian fancy API. Drop your Whatsapp number in our live chat support to get a demo of API.

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