Free sport API

its depend on what type of API you are looking for becuase there are various sports game and all have different API's. there are two types of APIs:-

personal API
commercial API

Betfair API support provides you cheap Betfair API as compare to other markets. Betfair is a platform where you can develop your own betting applications but Betfair has banned all its accounts in 2019 in India so to get Betfair API in India is not an easy task Betfair is now illegal in India as well as betting is also illegal in India but when you have a license you can legally run Betfair in India.

There are 500+people who are looking for Betfair API per day and there are many companies that provide Betfair API. but the most important thing is that some companies are not able to provide API to 3+ customers because their platform is not able to handle more clients. and some companies take the money and after they don't care. so be aware.

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