live Tv API
TV API is an online platform and live streaming API for streaming videos. Stream your favourite videos and favourite shows. The Twitch TV API enables live streaming of videos from your application or software integrated with the TwitchTV API.

Betfair api support provides live tv streaming for sports, you can integrate your website with live tv api so you can display live odds and result on your website.

API are of different types .its depend on what type of api you need for your website.

Types of api are:- live casino API
Betfair API
Live tv API
Live odds API
Browser API

The World Economic Forum has been working with Livestream for over a decade. Our objective five years ago was to have more people watching our sessions outside the room than in.

Stream live TV
our live Tv API gives you the choice and flexibility to watch your favourite sports TV live or on- demand.

No extra cost will be taken to watch.
Stream on multiple screens

Stream on up to 5 screens at once
Stream on demand
Choose from over 45,000* movies and shows, anywhere.
Stream data-free

Our live sports TV API maintains a database of sports in USA, India etc all sports data. Betfair api support is one of the best site or top-ranked site on google that provides the live odds api or api for all sports. wit this api we are able to provide the channel lineup data for cable, satellite, antenna and IPTV providers.

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The most sports in api is that a reliable sports API that provides historical data, real-time updates & affordable/free would be AWESOME. and we also provide these things in our sports API.
Betfair api support provides developers with the opportunity to gain access to sensitive data in a particular category.